Outlined below are brief summaries of each of our schools. Before joining the Trust each school is engaged in discussion with us, undergoes a consultation with stakeholders and carries out a due diligence process to ensure that both the school and the Trust as a whole will benefit from the new school joining. 

Should you wish to know more about our schools, please visit the school websites or if would like to know more about the possibility of joining RLT, please contact the Trust central office.

The following schools are in the Trust:

Barton Park Primary School

Primary School - Opened September 2020 - Oxford

Barton Park Primary opened in 2020 and is Oxford City’s newest school. Our place within the heart of a new and developing community, with easy walking, cycle and bus routes, is a perfect location. Our lovely new building and the fantastic facilities available on site, along with our neighbouring sports pavilion, make for a very special place for children to learn and flourish. We have high aspirations for all our children. Our curriculum is designed to provide children with high quality, rigorous and engaging learning opportunities. Enquiry and creativity are central to our learning, and these principles are underpinned by a solid foundation in the key skills. We aim to build on each child’s natural curiosity and help them become enquiring, resilient and confident learners, able to communicate their ideas to both peers and adults. Quality teaching, targeted support and enriching, open-ended learning opportunities - alongside well planned indoor and outdoor environments - allow all children to develop their thinking skills, independence and individual talents. Our six school values were chosen in collaboration with the school community: respect, kindness, equality, independence, perseverance, curiosity. It is important to us that these values reflect both emotional and intellectual growth and that they can be embraced by everyone within our diverse community.

Bayards Hill Primary School

Primary school - 380 pupils - Oxford

Bayards Hill is a bright and welcoming place where everyone is treated as a uniquely talented individual. We strive to ensure that every member of our school community is able to achieve their best and to promote a love of learning that we hope will stay with our pupils long after they have left us. We have forged strong links with Cheney School that provides us with many opportunities to access a range of resources and facilities. We have a strong and committed Governing body that fully supports the school in providing the best possible educational opportunities for all. Our aim is to develop a school environment that is engaging, exciting and enriched in learning opportunities that enable everyone to reach new heights. Our school motto is ‘Believe Bigger, Aim Higher’ and to that end we support, help and learn together to enable all pupils to go from strength to strength and realise their aspirations.

Beckley CoE Primary School

Primary school - 130 pupils - Beckley

Beckley Church of England Primary is a school offering an excellent education in a happy, secure and stimulating learning environment where Christian values are embraced by all. We have high expectations and our ethos both encourages and promotes an atmosphere where children can be themselves and achieve their very best. With approximately 120 children on roll, we serve the villages of Beckley, Elsfield, Horton-cum-Studley, Stanton St John and Forest Hill. We also attract children from Headington and other areas of Oxford. The village of Beckley itself is situated six miles north east of Oxford and lies in a quiet lane close to the Parish Church, surrounded by picturesque countryside. We are delighted to be a part of the River Learning Trust, which offers many opportunities for support and challenge and enables us to continue to work closely with other schools in our partnership.

Charlbury Primary School

Primary school - 200 pupils - Charlbury

Charlbury Primary School aims to "develop the whole child" by providing each child with a broad, balanced and challenging education which will foster their intellectual, social, emotional, aesthetic, spiritual and physical development. The school is continually striving to expand the horizons of their children by providing education that stretches beyond core curriculum subjects. To this end, children take part in Forest School, educational and residential trips and extra-curricular activities such as cooking, choir, dance and foreign languages. The school joined RLT as a sponsored school on 1st December 2019.

Cheney School

Secondary school - 1500 pupils - Oxford

Cheney is a genuinely comprehensive school, in the best sense of the term, with a fully inclusive intake, which represents not just our catchment area, but also modern Britain. The ideals of the comprehensive movement have been met in Cheney, in a way that is very rare. We value creativity over conformity; education over league tables; the needs of students over data; self-discipline over sanctions; nuance over simplification; curiosity over acceptance; honesty over reassurance; the judgement of our community over the judgement of the official world. We value emotional intelligence equally to academic intelligence; well-being equally to success; self-knowledge to factual knowledge; humanity to rigour. This is not to say that the things we value less are worthless; in their place, and in their time, quite the reverse. In fact, we believe that if we get the first things right, the second will follow.

The Cherwell School

Secondary School - 1900 pupils - Oxford

We have all the advantages of a large school in that we offer a very wide range of curricular and extracurricular opportunities. However, our two sites enable us to create smaller and more personal units within the whole school. This makes it easier to know, value and support each student; in this school each individual matters to us. The Cherwell school was an original member of The River Learning Trust and we are proud to have been actively involved in defining and supporting the development of the vision of the Trust. There is real strength in our school and we know that our areas of focus will be reinforced and nurtured by the direction the RLT is travelling in. We expect the RLT to be rigorous in their pursuit of excellence for our school and we appreciate our responsibilities in the context of the wider trust. We are happy that relationships are highlighted as being so central to the long-term success of the RLT because at Cherwell we aim to create these relationships in all that we do.

Chipping Norton School

Secondary School - 1000 pupils - Chipping Norton

Chipping Norton School is a popular 11-18 rural community school located in the attractive Cotswold market town of Chipping Norton. We have 1020 students on roll, with 200 of them in the sixth form. At Chipping Norton School the individual is very much at the heart of what we do and everyone is encouraged to be the best that they can be. Staff and students share the same values of excellence, respect, tolerance, enjoyment and commitment. Our vision is for vibrant and inspirational teaching that raises aspiration, challenges, engages and prepares every member of the school for life. Our vision is a school where learners are motivated and inspired; where curiosity is sparked; and where we strive to be the best that we can be. Our values and our vision make the school a special place in which to learn and work. We joined RLT in March 2017 having worked with the Trust in October 2016; the school was graded Good with Outstanding features in November 2017 With the support of RLT for strong professional learning, we work to ensure that all staff are the best that they can be in each of their individual roles. We know that excellent relationships and high quality individual staff practice will contribute effectively to strong outcomes and experiences for our students. At the same time our focus is also on impeccable student behaviour to ensure that we have students who are ready and respectful in terms of their learning and their relationships.

Cutteslowe Primary School

Primary School - 350 pupils - Oxford

We are a primary school in North Oxford growing from 1 to 2 forms of entry. As a school we celebrate the diversity of the wider community and are committed to the principles of inclusion and equality of opportunity. Our aim is to be "A school of opportunity" for our children, staff and parents/carers; we believe in providing enriching experiences that inspire children and equip them for the challenges of the future. The last five years has been an exciting time for Cutteslowe Primary School. In April 2013 the school converted to an Academy in partnership with The Cherwell School Academy Trust. The Cherwell School is our local ‘outstanding’ secondary school where the majority of our children go on to study. In March 2015 we received our first full OFSTED as a new school. We are very pleased to announce that we were awarded a “Good” in every category. As an original member of The Cherwell School Academy Trust, we welcome the expansion of what is now the River Learning Trust. In particular, this growth has allowed the development of centralised support team which has been very welcome. We welcome working more closely with Wolvercote, our partner school, and the wider RLT and value the work of the Trust’s Education Board and Support and Challenge Partners to support school improvement. There is a wider opportunity for teaching staff to become more involved with RLT for example through moderation and EYFS meetings and we are looking forward to further development of this sort of collaboration.

Edith Moorhouse Primary School

Primary School - 310 pupils - Carterton

We are a popular primary school in the Oxfordshire town of Carterton. We currently have about 300 pupils, with about one third of those pupils coming from Service Families serving at RAF Brize Norton. We are proud of our caring and nurturing approach to education. Visitors to our school comment that there is a calm and industrious atmosphere and that the children are polite and respectful. We became an academy and joined the River Learning Trust in April 2017 after a careful search for a MAT which was aligned with our values and approach. Our research showed us that the three principles of RLT (Commitment to Excellence; Everyone Learning; Respectful Relationships) sit very comfortably alongside our school’s Core Values. It also became clear as we discovered more and more about RLT, that the other schools and staff we met were like us: at one meeting for RLT governors, one of our governors said ‘It’s nice to be at a meeting where everyone is on the same page’! We both gain and contribute from being part of RLT; RLT schools demonstrate excellence in a range of areas and our close collaboration allows us to share best practice with each other and staff have the opportunity to develop themselves and each other, and are encouraged to work towards self-improvement

Garsington CoE Primary School

Primary School - 200 pupils - Garsington

Garsington School is a Church of England, one form entry, Primary School for 4 to 11 year olds. We are located in Garsington village close to both Wheatley and Oxford. We aim to provide an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice. Developing a growth mind-set is at the heart of everything that we do. We aim to inspire every child to have a life-long love of learning and to aspire to be the best that they can be. We joined RLT in May 2017. To be part of RLT we believe we will benefit from increased staff opportunities for development including training, learning from others and sharing good practice. We also will benefit from support and challenge from a team you can trust and a team who will support and work with you on areas to develop. We value the opportunities for networking across different schools and also see benefit in being kept up-to-date with information and advice at local and national level.

Gosford Hill School

Secondary School - 880 pupils - Kidlington

Gosford Hill School school prides itself on the emphasis that it places on the needs, aspirations and achievement of individual students with learning very much at the heart of their work. The School wants its students to develop as resilient and autonomous learners, keen to overcome challenges, and take risks, so that they gain the transferable skills needed to enable them to lead fulfilling lives as confident and articulate individuals in our society. The school's vision is to be “An inspiring school at the heart of the community giving our students an excellent educational experience, equipping them as resilient life-long learners”. Gosford Hill joined RLT on 1st December 2020 and the RLT Central Office is also based on the school's site.

Horspath CoE Primary School

Primary School - 120 pupils - Horspath

Horspath C of E Primary School is a small Church school in the village of Horspath near Oxford. The school values and supports all of its members as individuals and is a happy, welcoming and safe environment which promotes learning and self-confidence. Horspath School chose to join The River Learning Trust because we believe the vision of the trust aligns closely with our own, giving clear priority to outcomes for children. The school joined RLT in May 2016. Most children from Horspath School go on to Wheatley Park School which is already a member of RLT, and we felt that this presented the opportunity to work more closely with Wheatley Park to ensure the transition between the two schools is as smooth as possible. The RLT governance model allows each school to maintain its own character, and the role of the church in the school governance will remain unchanged. We also believe we will benefit from the exchange of knowledge and best practice with other local schools in the trust. A Commitment to Excellence for us means that RLT schools are supported and challenged to make sure every child and every member of staff achieves their potential. Everyone Learning is key to the on-going development of the school and is part of our behaviour for learning strategy for pupils. Respectful Relationships between schools, between staff and in our daily communication with parents and children is a core principle for our school.

Kingsdown School

Secondary School - 1200 pupils - Swindon

Kingsdown is a mixed 11 – 16 Secondary School located in Stratton St Margaret, Swindon. It offers a vibrant learning environment in which its students take great pride. Our teachers combine a high level academic expertise, excellent teaching skills and a real concern for the wellbeing of each and every student. Taken together, these allow us to recruit and retain the very best teachers. From September 2017, we became a full partner in the River Learning Trust. Together, we have a clear strategy for rapidly improving Kingsdown and thereby achieving our vision of becoming a “School of Excellence”. The principles of both our School and Trust guide all our work. We benefit from being part of RLT as they provide ongoing coaching and mentoring for Kingsdown’s leaders and support them in embedding the required level of school improvement and thereby the best possible outcomes for all our students. We also have access to a wide range of networks which will assist our teams in delivering excellence in and outside of the classroom as well as Professional Development opportunities for our staff. The RLT also has the resources and capacity to support with several key operational processes, previously provided by LEAs, such as HR, Financial as well as Governor support.

Larkrise Primary School

Primary School - 420 pupils - Oxford

Larkrise is an exceptionally diverse and inclusive primary school in East Oxford with 440 pupils. We pride ourselves on providing an environment in which everyone feels valued and nurtured so that they can learn and progress to reach their potential. We provide a rich and creative curriculum so that our pupil’s needs are met through exciting learning experiences. We have a well-established music and story-telling culture and beautiful grounds including mature trees, a large playing field, fruit and vegetable plots, a forest school and access to Boundary Brook Nature Park. We prioritise use of our outdoor spaces for learning. We are passionate about our school and work exceptionally hard to create a unique place of learning for our children. We are very pleased to have joined RLT and we look forward working in close collaboration with RLT schools and staff to continue our school improvement journey towards excellence.

Madley Brook Primary School

Primary School - 340 pupils - Witney

Our school opened in September 2003 to provide mainstream education for pupils on the Madley Park estate in Witney. We can accommodate 315 pupils and also have a nursery, with 48 part time places. Our school has a very clear vision at its heart: ‘Achieving excellence by challenging boundaries’ and our aim is to value each pupil and to provide learning opportunities that will develop the whole child. We will encourage them to have limitless aspirations, to have a passion for learning and to enjoy life and above all, have a sense of fun. The school works alongside Springfield Special School. Both schools are based on the site known as The Bronze Barrow chosen to reflect the historical nature of the area. Our decision to join RLT was very easy. The governing body talked at length about what sort of MAT we wanted to join and set on our journey listening to a number of school, Headteachers and CEOs that were part of MATs or about to join one. RLT ticked every box for us, in terms of values, strive for excellence and support and collaboration along the way. We have not been disappointed and since before we joined, our school has benefitted already from the strength of expertise and collaborative working from other schools and senior members of the education quality group. We are excited to be part of a forward looking organisation that is heavily focused on pupil outcomes, and are proud to be part of RLT.

Marlborough Church of England School

Secondary School - 1130 pupils - Woodstock

The Marlborough C of E School is an 11-18 comprehensive and co-educational academy school located on the edge of the historic town of Woodstock. There are currently 1046 pupils on roll, including 176 pupils in the Sixth Form and 25 pupils in our SENSS Ormerod Resource base. We are proud of the uniqueness of our school with its strong sense of community and clear vision and values, under-pinned by our status as a Church school. Our core values reflect our commitment to the enrichment of the whole person and the belief that every individual has the right to the best possible education. We were judged by SIAMs in January 2017 to be “outstanding at meeting the needs of all learners” and in February 2018 Ofsted judged the school as ‘good’ in every major category. The Inspection report captured the balance we are looking to achieve between being academically rigorous and uncompromising, whilst providing a caring and nurturing environment in which our young people can flourish. We are, however, aspirational to be even better and to be able to demonstrate a commitment to excellence in all that we do. Becoming a full partner with RLT in April 2018 will enable us to fulfil this ambition. Being part of the Trust will facilitate learning from the best practice of other successful schools who share the same vision and determination to ensure their students and staff develop to their full potential.

Middle Barton Primary School

Primary School - 144 pupils Middle Barton, Chipping Norton

At Middle Barton School we believe that inspired teaching and leadership is the bedrock to help, motivate and develop children to reach their full potential. Through our care, respect for each other and sense of belonging, we aim to encourage excellence, valuing uniqueness in all children in our community. We provide a broad and exciting curriculum to promote achievement and our team are committed to developing the whole child in becoming a happy, balanced and responsible citizen. We are a rural village school in West Oxfordshire between Chipping Norton and Bicester. We are delighted to have joined River Learning Trust as the values of the trust align to our own and are pleased to have opportunities for wider collaboration with like-minded professionals, all striving for the best possible outcomes for the children in our care.

New Marston Primary School

Primary School - 310 pupils - Oxford

We are based in the Marston area of Oxford and benefit from a unique mix of pupils, whose families come from local areas and from all parts of the world. Adults and children really look after and care for each other here. Academically, our pupils are benefiting from a brand-new curriculum from September, with very high expectations built-in. We are expecting all of our pupils to thrive academically and personally over the years ahead. After the school went into an Inadequate category in Summer 2016, New Marston joined the River Learning Trust in February 2017. The RLT was chosen as a sponsor, as it was felt that choice gave the school the best opportunity for rapid improvement, with appropriate support and challenge, as things moved forward. The school has been fortunate in receiving a high level of support from the Trust. We have benefited from support from experienced school leaders in the form of moderation exercises, improving the quality of teaching and learning, peer reviews and ongoing evaluations. The school has had high quality advice and support in the fields of HR, finance and premises. The school is on a rapid improvement trajectory and the education of our children has already improved. Our values align with those of the Trust and we know we can rely on their integrity, alongside a high level of educational expertise as we continue to improve.

The Oxford Academy

Secondary School - 1000 - Oxford

The Oxford Academy is a warm, friendly and vibrant school that is built on an ethos of high expectations for all and a belief that every child will be successful - academically, personally and as a lifelong contributor to the wider world. Our inclusive Christian values underpin all that we do. Staff at our school have a firm belief in the power of education to shape children’s lives for the better. The Oxford Academy is centred on a culture of excellence where we respect each other, are self-motivated, determined, responsible, have a thirst for learning, and a strong sense of pride in belonging to the Academy. We are committed to providing educational opportunities of the highest quality for all our students and we believe in educating the whole child. We aim to deliver a broad education that is ambitious, varied and stimulating in a caring environment that creates well-rounded individuals who excel and benefit from our approaches to teaching and learning. The school joined RLT as a sponsored school on 1st November 2020.

Sandhills Community Primary School

Primary School - 315 pupils - Oxford

Sandhills Community School aspires for all of its pupils to become confident, secure, caring individuals who achieve personal success and develop a love of learning. The school is situated on the outskirts of Oxford city centre and is a slightly larger than the average primary school with 11 classes and 320 pupils. There are close links with the pre-school who hire the community room and the local Wheatley Partnership schools. There are a range of extra-curricular activities and clubs on offer including: sports, art, music, karate and French. The school offers wrap around care with a breakfast club and an after school club. We have joined RLT as we are aspirational, eager to continue to improve by working with other schools with similar values, and committed to securing the best education possible for our children.

Rose Hill Primary School

Primary School - 320 pupils - Oxford

Rose Hill Primary School is in South East Oxford . We delight in the broad diversity of our community, in which children speak one (or more!) of thirty-seven languages at home. We have a stunning site, including a Forest School which was generously donated to us. The school has had its ups and downs over the last few years, and has now come out of Special Measures. Outcomes for children have improved recently and we are aiming to have a school which is good in all respects at our next inspection. Our logo says that Rose Hill is ‘Where Children Flourish’, a deliberately broad statement, which encompasses children’s personal, emotional, social, creative and cultural development, as well as their academic progress and attainment. We are delighted to be joining RLT, as we know that we will gain from a real alignment of ethos, energy and moral purpose, as well as professional support and learning for all our staff.

Seven Fields Primary School


At Seven Fields Primary School, our vision is to create a culture of learning and discovery that is stimulating and enjoyable for both children and staff. We will achieve this by ensuring; an exciting, engaging and enriched curriculum is taught well so all (both staff and pupils) are enthused to learn; the relationships among learners and staff reflect a positive and respectful culture; pupils are ambitious for their own aspirations and have positive attitudes to their education by developing their intellectual curiosity; teachers develop detailed knowledge and skills that enable pupils to learn across the curriculum and, as a result, achieve well. The school joined RLT as a sponsored school on 1st December 2019.

The Swan School

Secondary School - Oxford

The Swan School is a new 11-18 community comprehensive secondary school serving Old Marston and the surrounding areas of Oxford. It is meeting the urgent need for school places in Oxford. The school opened to Year 7 pupils in September 2019 with an intake of 120 students. When the school is full it will have approximately 1,200 students including a Sixth Form. The vision for The Swan School is to provide an excellent education through an academic curriculum, a commitment to meaningful experiences within and beyond the classroom and ensuring high aspirations, achievement and accomplishment for all. This is within a school culture rooted in values of Kindness, Ambition, Dedication and Integrity.

Tower Hill Primary School

Primary School - 210 pupils - Witney

Tower Hill Primary School is a medium-sized primary school, situated in the market town of Witney. We are a single-form-entry school, set in beautiful grounds, with a large playing field equipped with a variety of safe but exciting climbing apparatus. We even have our own "Dell", an outdoor classroom area, which we use for outdoor learning and Forest School. Tower Hill is a very happy place to be for children and adults alike, where achievement and following our motto to ‘Grow Together’ is at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves in being a happy, safe, caring and progressive values-based school, where staff and families work together to nurture self-belief and inspire a love for learning. We joined RLT at the same time as Wolvercote Primary School in November 2015. RLT reflects the values of our school community, most importantly an aspiration to provide the best possible education and experiences to our pupils. Being part of a wider community of like-minded schools reinforces this belief. Our relationship with other schools in the Trust and the central team is tremendously important. Knowing we have access to a wide range of support is beneficial for staff and pupils and our staff value the professional development opportunities they have been able to access. We sim for this will be develop further, especially through the growth of local hubs to foster collaboration and the sharing of good practice.

Wheatley Park School

Secondary School - 1100 pupils - Wheatley

We are a medium sized 11-18 comprehensive school set in a unique historic site, five miles east of Oxford near the village of Wheatley. At Wheatley Park, we are committed to everyone learning. Our students are learning to be powerful independent learners, equipped to achieve excellence both at school and in the lifetime of learning that will follow. Our teachers are learning to be ever better teachers, who challenge and inspire in the classroom, via our cutting-edge use of technology and through our rich extra-curricular programme. And our leaders are learning to be ever better leaders, striving to take the school from ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’ in every sense of the word. We joined RLT in July 2016 and had an instrumental role in establishing the vision and values of the Trust. At Wheatley Park we believe in the power of school-to-school collaboration. We are more likely to develop effectively if we belong to a formal network of schools with the shared principles of excellence, learning and relationships. These principles align with and underpin our school values of Everyone Learning and Everyone Caring. On the one hand, belonging to RLT brings the accountability and challenge necessary for effective school development. At the same time, being part of a family of schools with a central team offers numerous opportunities for support. These include the sharing of best practice, collaborative professional learning and leadership development, not to mention financial, operational and HR support. All schools within the trust have achieved excellence in particular areas. With the right relationships and an openness to learning, this excellence will flow from one school to another leading to better educational outcomes and experiences for all.

Windrush Church of England Primary School

Primary School - opened 2021 - Witney

Windrush Church of England Primary School is a new Primary School that is part of RLT. As a Church of England (CofE) school, it will be supported by the Oxford Diocesan Board of Education (ODBE). Windrush welcomes families of all faiths and none. It seeks to spark a lifelong love of learning in pupils and provide them with the fundamentals to flourish. The school serves the new Witney communities of Windrush Place and Colwell Green. When full, it will have capacity for 315 pupils aged four to 11, plus 39 places in nursery for children aged two to four. The school admitted up to 30 pupils into reception in the first year and 39 nursery places are available.

Witney Community Primary School

Primary School - 210 pupils - Witney

Witney Community Primary School has around 200 pupils from age 4-11. It is situated in the growing market town of Witney in West Oxfordshire. We are a single form entry primary school, with large grounds that are being continuously developed to provide excellent facilities for all the children to learn and play in, supporting our healthy lifestyles and well-being programme. Our school is a happy place with polite and respectful children. Continuous learning is what we all strive for as a community and we aim to have a growth mind-set so that we challenge and support one another in a supportive way, understanding that mistakes are an opportunity to learn a bit more. This is at the heart of all we do. We are a values based school that supports respect and friendships among other values. This reflects the values of the RLT also. As an organisation the RLT aspire to provide the best education for all that work and learn in it. Being part of this wider community supports, challenges and helps us to be accountable. Their Principles of Commitment to Excellence, Everyone Learning and Respectful Relationships enhances all we do.

Wolvercote Primary School

Primary School - 328 pupils - Oxford

Wolvercote School is a wonderful community to be part of in North Oxford. We enjoy a strong partnership with parents and carers; we have talented and committed staff, dedicated governors and most importantly - energetic, enthusiastic children. Together we work tirelessly to help the children to be the best they can be. Wolvercote School enjoys a unique position of having a community village feel with immediate access to rivers, canals, fields and woods, whilst also being near the city centre with all that Oxford can offer in terms of museums, history and cultural events. We value outdoor learning and use our environment whenever possible. We are a growing school and recently completed a large building project which provided four new classrooms, a studio for music and drama, and extensive outdoor facilities. In November 2015 we became an academy, joining the River Learning Trust. We benefit from working closely with other schools with whom we share a commitment to excellence by providing the best possible educational experience for students. We work closely with schools as part of the Trust and value the work of the Trust’s Education Board and Support and Challenge Partners to support school improvement. There is a wider opportunity for teaching staff to become more involved with RLT for example through moderation and EYFS meetings and we are looking forward to further development of this sort of collaboration.

Cherwell OTSA SCITT - Oxfordshire Teacher Training

Oxfordshire Teacher Training is an exceptional provider of high quality primary, special and secondary School Direct and Core SCITT Initial Teacher Training programmes and we are based at The Cherwell School in Oxford. The Cherwell School is the ‘lead school’ (the name presented on UCAS) and The Cherwell OTSA SCITT is the name of the accrediting body. Through the Oxfordshire Teaching Schools Alliance (OTSA) we work with state-funded partner schools across Oxford and Oxfordshire and all of our programmes are designed and delivered by people who really understand what great teaching and learning are all about; highly successful teachers from our partner schools. We are committed to recruiting and training passionate individuals who will become outstanding teachers working in schools across Oxford and Oxfordshire. We are dedicated to delivering the best possible ITT programmes and providing the best support for Associate Teachers (trainees) throughout their Initial Teacher Training programme and as they seek employment in their NQT year. We deliver Salaried and Non-salaried School Direct programmes, all of which lead to QTS. Applicants also have the option of adding a masters level PGCE to their programme. The SCITT is part of RLT and staff within the Trust benefit from opportunities to work with Associate Teachers as well as schools benefit from the expertise within the SCITT related to professional learning and development.